Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Me Pentiro

This time, it's not only about fashion but also about music. Below is the cover of Mo'Plen Bacharach: The Burt Bacharach Italian Songbook; and the first thing that greets the eye is the very late 60s photograph. The two men dressed in hippie/paisley inspired shirts and white trousers, and the girls wearing an Asian inspired minidress & a paisley blouse.

Now who is Burt Bacharach??? The quintessential American 60s songwriter and composer who along with those who performed his songs made up the soundtrack for many people around 1962-1968. His music can be classified as easy listening, pop, jazz, and relaxing. This CD has italian versions of his all time hits and I recommend it very much if you're eager to get into a 60s mood. Jenny Luna's rendition of "Walk On By" (No Me Pentiro) was used on one of the latest Gucci shows.


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