Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael Kors FW 08

Michael Kors has become one of my favorite "modern" designers, esp. after seeing his FW 2008 ad campaign...it's just brilliant and practically "yells" 60s mod elegance. Shown in this picture a very classic and basic ensemble made up of a khaki trouser, black shoes, a camel blazer, a black turtleneck, and some Wayfarer styled sunglasses. This ad's picture seems like it could have been taken around 1964-1965, yet it's a modern recreation of it all. Just shows how cyclical fashion can be...
Photo: TFS

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carnaby Street

London was perhaps the most influential city for 60s male fashion because it was the Center of the whole world during most of this decade. The continous exchange of its artists and creative geniuses led to the establishment of a new culture, a new phase in man kind history. Paris was still the capital for womenswear, with designers such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior (with Marc Bohan), and a young yet very talented YSL (it was during this decade that he reached inmortality with his A shaped Piet Mondrian dress) kept amazing women worldwide. Of course I can't forget to mention Mary Quant, from London, who invented the mini skirt and caused a worldwide revolution.

Men, especially young men, were looking for a new style, tired of the "old" and classic styles that had already been worn and used for decades. London had that new modern and youthful look. This new fad in men fashion was influenced by many elements that came from different time periods and cultures...It was possible to find medieval style shirts, lace shirts that embodied the Romantic look, Hindu inspired suits, Mao neck shirts and jackets, big medallions that had the shape of Military orders to accesorize the look, bellbottoms, and of course the whole Mod look. So as you can see there were many options back then for men, and the place to find all of these items was the legendary Carnaby Street. This was a trend setting point, trends for both women and men fashion of the 60s were defined here, if it was "in" here, it would likely be "in" worldwide.

Carnaby Street may still remain as part of the 60s cultural legacy, but what is true is that nowadays and since almost 40 years ago there hasn't been another Carnaby Street. I think that the modern "equivalent" of this street can be the Internet's fashion sites, forums, and blogs where styles and trends are discussed...but still it's not the same.

Photo: Flickr

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rebel With Elegance

James Dean will always be remembered as a 50s icon and for his role in "Rebel Without a Cause". Shown in this picture wearing eyeglasses at a gala party he proved that wearing eyeglasses isn't a fashion crime. I like his eyeglasses, they're like a cross between Wayfarers and Persol Rattis.

Photo: GQ

Monday, September 22, 2008

Double breasted

The double breasted look is essential for the 60s Mod inspired style. Shown below a photograph that was most likely taken circa 1967-1968 in London's legendary Carnaby Street. In recent years a lot of designers and retailers have made the double breasted look more available than before, making it possible to find double breasted jackets, blazers, and coats (pea coats).
Lappo Elkan was seen wearing a jacket similar to this one earlier this year in Paris' Fashion Week.

Photo: Flickr

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Timeless Fall fashion item

A trench coat is a trench coat...a classic staple item in every wardrobe regardless if you're male or female. It's a piece that has proven to survive all of fashion's fads throughout decades and still remains a favorite of many. Burberry is the world's best trench coat producer.
There are many ways to wear a trench coat this fall, it's just up to your creativity and the circumstances. I wear mine with a shirt or turtleneck beneath it, and if I want to give it a modern twist just with a t-shirt beneath (if it isn't that cold out there). For a classic look wear some trousers, and for a casual one jeans are okay.

Choosing the trench's color might be a big dilemma for some, it was for me when I bought mine since I had to choose between black and khaki. My choice was the last one since I think black despite being elegant and matching with everything is kind of a dark and somber color for a trench.

I cannot think of a decade in which trench coats weren't used. For example in the 60s we have Steve Mc Queen (see an entry from some months ago) in "The Thomas Crown Affair" & Peter Sellers as the infamous Inspector Closeau in "The Pink Panther" just to mention a few examples. In the 70s and 80s it was also worn by many, at times adapting it to the times, but the essence was the same.

In recent years the trench coat has made a powerful comeback with designers and retailers making it avaiable in different colors and styles. Below is shot of Burberry's FW '08 advertising campaign taken by the famed Mario Testino.

Photo: TFS

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I guess Alain Delon is so far this blog's most featured celebrity due to his great sense of style during the 60s. In this photo a snap from a scene of "A Plein Soleil", where I believe he is in his hotel room in Rome unpacking his stuff and thinking on many things. The jacket appears to be a red/black striped jacket (very original), the tie is outstanding and classic. He appears to be wearing some linen trousers appropiate for the caldo Roman summer. And his white shoes just a perfect example of why Italy is the world's best shoe maker.

Photo: Menstyle.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pose for David Bailey

Iconic and legendary 60s photographer David Bailey made headlines not only for his famous photoshoots, but also for his love life in which he was linked with the beauties from those years and for his personal fashion style. Shown here wearing what seems to be some "skinny" black trousers, a pair of boots, and a white tank top, instructing his model how to pose for the camera. "Blow Up", the movie involving a photographer, beautiful models portayed by Vanessa Redgrave and Verushka, and an unsolved mystery is said to be based on Bailey. In fashion sometimes less is more...

Photo: GQ

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Classic black

Below are the last images from Versace's SS 02 collection....

The black shirt has some pasiley-like motiffs, although it's not paisley, it kind of gives the impression in my opinion. The shirt is transparent, I think if it weren't it would be better, but oh well everyone has different tastes. The trousers are kind of high waisted and the shoes (which can't be seen here) are black and awesome. Another 1977-1978 outfit.

Rebel without a cause...Just classic. An outfit reminscent of James Dean & Marlon Brando in the 50s, Jim Morrison in the 60s, The Ramones in the 70s, David Hasselhoff in the 80s, and Michael Hutchence in the 90s. Black can never go wrong, although color should always be present I think. The trousers are leather.

Another 70s disco inspired outfit. Same high waisted trousers, the shirt has some paisley-like motiffs, not transparent this time, there seem to be some sequins on the lower part of the shirt. And to wrap up this outfit a classic black blazer.

Photos: Versace SS 2002 Catalog

Monday, September 15, 2008

Versace 1967-1977

More images from Versace's SS 2002 collection....

This pullover has a print that is in my opinion reminiscent of the art of Piet Mondrian. The trousers are kind of high waisted. The pastel blue hue of the trousers and pullover is pleasant to the eye and blends well into the scenery. This outfit looks like it could have been worn around 1967-1973.

Just like the picture above it, this pullover looks very Piet Mondrian. The trousers are kind of baggy and high waisted, yet what makes them different is the draped effect that they have on the front. Great color coordination. An outfit that brings back memories of 1966-1967 and the trousers look very 1940s with a mix of mid 1980s.

Save the best for last...my favorite outfit from this collection. The shirt is awesome, the print, the colors and material yell 70s Disco. The trousers are the same ones as on the first picture. The shoes are very nice too, snake skin pastel blue shoes that match with the trousers perfectly. An outfit that could have been worn to go out dancing in 1977.

Tomorrow I'll be posting the last images from this collection, an entry in which Black is the main color.

Photos: Versace SS02 Catalog

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Versace SS02

Versace's 2002 Spring Summer menswear collection had a mixture of the 60s (geometric prints that echoed Piet Mondrian, paisley-like shapes), the late 70s ( high waisted trousers), and the mid 80s (pastel colored suits). I'm not a big Versace fan (sorry for the Versace fans out there) but this collection was just great.
Below an example of this collection, that definetly channels a combination of Miami Vice meets the late 70s disco look. Brilliant! The hairstyle is very JFK. Jr too.
I'll be adding later on more examples from this brilliant collection.

Photo: Versace SS 2002 catalog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mods are here

Yes they're here...making their arrival in vespas, wearing fitted suits with skinny ties, helmets, and British motiffs.

Photo: TFS

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gorgeous Styles

Without a question nowadays we live in a very technological and informative world...blogs have caused a great impact on communication and practically almost anyone can blog about many different subjects. Fashion is a popular subject in the blogging world. Throughout these last couple of months I've seen so many blogs devoted to men's fashion, only few proving themselves to be my favorites...

One of my personal favorites and that I HIGHLY recommend is Gorgeous Styles ( http://gorgeoustyles.blogspot.com/), a blog published in Madrid, Spain, which not only focuses on men's fashion only, but also talks about some trends in women's fashion, music worth checking out, the style of international and Spanish male celebrities, places to check out while travelling in Spain and around the world. From the Medina brothers to Scalpers slippers, Flavio Briatore and yachts, summer dresses to popular restaurants, white pants to bermudas, navy blazers to Cayetano Rivera...it's all here!

So as you can see it's like a "mini fashion magazine" which features pictures of places and outfits (as seen on the street) taken by the authors themselves. This blog favors a classic and timeless style, and by looking at it you can see some of the trends or items mentioned here being portrayed in modern day Spain. The blog's language is Spanish, however it is not an obstacle to read it since there are lots of online translators nowadays.

I'm sure that once you check it out, you'll become a reader of it. Trust me :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


During the 60s fashion found inspiration in world leaders and in foreign cultures. An example of this is the Mao neck/Nehru jacket trend of the mid and late 60s. Both inspired in General Mao Tse Sung and Indian politician Nehru who wore these kind of jackets and ensembles as part of their daily wear. The look was adopted quickly by many men worldwide, including the character of "Ernst Blofeld" in the 60s James Bond films. Below an example of a Nehru/Mao suit designed by Thierry Mugler in 2005.

Photo: Thierry Mugler

Monday, September 1, 2008

Arriving at the airport

In this 1976 pic you can see JFK Jr. along with his mother the iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis and his sister Caroline arriving after their summer holidays. JFK Jr. looking classic and youthful at the same time: jeans, shirt, and what looks to be some boat shoes. He had a great sense of style, inherited from both of his parents, throughout the rest of his life until his tragic and sudden death in 1999. A sense of style that has recently inspired GQ magazine to publish an editorial in which they honor him and his style, outfits that despite the decades gone by look timeless and fresh.

Photo: GQ