Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Classic black

Below are the last images from Versace's SS 02 collection....

The black shirt has some pasiley-like motiffs, although it's not paisley, it kind of gives the impression in my opinion. The shirt is transparent, I think if it weren't it would be better, but oh well everyone has different tastes. The trousers are kind of high waisted and the shoes (which can't be seen here) are black and awesome. Another 1977-1978 outfit.

Rebel without a cause...Just classic. An outfit reminscent of James Dean & Marlon Brando in the 50s, Jim Morrison in the 60s, The Ramones in the 70s, David Hasselhoff in the 80s, and Michael Hutchence in the 90s. Black can never go wrong, although color should always be present I think. The trousers are leather.

Another 70s disco inspired outfit. Same high waisted trousers, the shirt has some paisley-like motiffs, not transparent this time, there seem to be some sequins on the lower part of the shirt. And to wrap up this outfit a classic black blazer.

Photos: Versace SS 2002 Catalog

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