Monday, September 15, 2008

Versace 1967-1977

More images from Versace's SS 2002 collection....

This pullover has a print that is in my opinion reminiscent of the art of Piet Mondrian. The trousers are kind of high waisted. The pastel blue hue of the trousers and pullover is pleasant to the eye and blends well into the scenery. This outfit looks like it could have been worn around 1967-1973.

Just like the picture above it, this pullover looks very Piet Mondrian. The trousers are kind of baggy and high waisted, yet what makes them different is the draped effect that they have on the front. Great color coordination. An outfit that brings back memories of 1966-1967 and the trousers look very 1940s with a mix of mid 1980s.

Save the best for favorite outfit from this collection. The shirt is awesome, the print, the colors and material yell 70s Disco. The trousers are the same ones as on the first picture. The shoes are very nice too, snake skin pastel blue shoes that match with the trousers perfectly. An outfit that could have been worn to go out dancing in 1977.

Tomorrow I'll be posting the last images from this collection, an entry in which Black is the main color.

Photos: Versace SS02 Catalog

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking in the first photo the shirt could also have been from the late 70's to the early 80's. I could see it on one of the members of the Cars or Men At Work... The second photo definitely looks 80's!