Sunday, September 21, 2008

Timeless Fall fashion item

A trench coat is a trench coat...a classic staple item in every wardrobe regardless if you're male or female. It's a piece that has proven to survive all of fashion's fads throughout decades and still remains a favorite of many. Burberry is the world's best trench coat producer.
There are many ways to wear a trench coat this fall, it's just up to your creativity and the circumstances. I wear mine with a shirt or turtleneck beneath it, and if I want to give it a modern twist just with a t-shirt beneath (if it isn't that cold out there). For a classic look wear some trousers, and for a casual one jeans are okay.

Choosing the trench's color might be a big dilemma for some, it was for me when I bought mine since I had to choose between black and khaki. My choice was the last one since I think black despite being elegant and matching with everything is kind of a dark and somber color for a trench.

I cannot think of a decade in which trench coats weren't used. For example in the 60s we have Steve Mc Queen (see an entry from some months ago) in "The Thomas Crown Affair" & Peter Sellers as the infamous Inspector Closeau in "The Pink Panther" just to mention a few examples. In the 70s and 80s it was also worn by many, at times adapting it to the times, but the essence was the same.

In recent years the trench coat has made a powerful comeback with designers and retailers making it avaiable in different colors and styles. Below is shot of Burberry's FW '08 advertising campaign taken by the famed Mario Testino.

Photo: TFS

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izzydore said...

i love my blue-black trench. it is indeed very versatile.