Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gorgeous Styles

Without a question nowadays we live in a very technological and informative world...blogs have caused a great impact on communication and practically almost anyone can blog about many different subjects. Fashion is a popular subject in the blogging world. Throughout these last couple of months I've seen so many blogs devoted to men's fashion, only few proving themselves to be my favorites...

One of my personal favorites and that I HIGHLY recommend is Gorgeous Styles (, a blog published in Madrid, Spain, which not only focuses on men's fashion only, but also talks about some trends in women's fashion, music worth checking out, the style of international and Spanish male celebrities, places to check out while travelling in Spain and around the world. From the Medina brothers to Scalpers slippers, Flavio Briatore and yachts, summer dresses to popular restaurants, white pants to bermudas, navy blazers to Cayetano's all here!

So as you can see it's like a "mini fashion magazine" which features pictures of places and outfits (as seen on the street) taken by the authors themselves. This blog favors a classic and timeless style, and by looking at it you can see some of the trends or items mentioned here being portrayed in modern day Spain. The blog's language is Spanish, however it is not an obstacle to read it since there are lots of online translators nowadays.

I'm sure that once you check it out, you'll become a reader of it. Trust me :)

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