Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm back after some time and sorry for the delay but these last weeks were kind of hectic for me...

Anyway since the holiday season is about to begin, and with that many holiday parties I thought it would be good to post some photos that may serve to you as "inspiration". Below you can see some shots from a FW 08 09 campaign, yet I don't remember exactly at the moment if they're from the Zegna campaign or another...I'm someone who doesn't pay a lot of attention to brands, I care more for how it looks.

These outfits are very classic and elegant, and reminiscent of the mod styles from the 60s and even echo the 70s in some way. A look that can be achieved in a very simple and inexpensive way. All you need is a turtleneck and a jacket, preferably velvet for winter. It's probably a look that I've posted a lot here in this blog but I just find it perfect.

Photo: TFS

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