Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FW 2009-2010

So finally I had the chance some days ago to skim through the FW 2009-2010 collections presented recently in Milan and Paris. I was eager to see much of it since I had read some very positive reviews online (blogs mainly) and in print (some magazines hinted the return of the Dandy look and even posted very cool pictures); and considering that last year's FW collections grabbed my attention and likeness. I began checking my "favorite" houses at the moment...Missoni, Armani, D&G (wanted to see what was all the hype surrounding those velvet lined trousers), Gucci, Burberry, and YSL.

Now here comes my opinion...maybe some won't agree with me at all but it's okay afterall that's the enriching part of blogs devoted to fashion like this one, to hear and exchange thoughts on a subject. I didn't like most of the FW collections. Shocking...yes. I don't know if it was because I'm more keen towards SS clothing (as evidenced in one of my first posts in this blog where I commented on the collections presented in June 2008) or the constant use of black and grey and no colors. Whatever it was these collections lacked of appeal.

YSL was a major disappointment for me, considering how brilliant Stefano Pilati's FW 2008 collection had been in terms of color and the omnipresent 70s styling, this time it was all black and plain. I did evidence the return of the Dandy look (it made me think on some fellow bloggers) and I liked it. Despite everything I saw a mixture of sophistication with modern urban styles on the runway.

Below are some outfits I liked from these collections. To my surprise this time I favored more D&G, I must say I like their stuff but not really since at times it can be quite flashy but this time it was perfect.

This outfit looks very 60s mod, I would prefer it in a blue tone but nevertheless in black it's perfect. The jacket's stripes are what make it unique.

A very casual and simple outfit, yet elegant. The trousers look like workout trousers, I think some all black trousers would have been better.

This outfit from Burberry was also one of my favorites, very retro, modern, and elegant looking. You can't go wrong with black that's true. I think this one is perfect for clubbing or a fancy dinner.
To end this post I'd like to point out that maybe the current economic crisis had an impact on these collections too. It seems all designers opted for classic items that could be worn many times throughout several years. Classic doesn't mean boring, I consider it smart in terms of spending budget and appearance, not only do you end up looking elegant, but you can save some money too.

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