Friday, February 13, 2009

Her name is Rio...

The 80s are decade that is loved by some, while others aren't just fond of it and claim that it was the worst decade for fashion because of all the wild color mixes and accesories. I'm one of those who's fond it, sure some stuff in fashion was unusual and looking at photos from those years sometimes makes me think "What were they thinking!". But among the best of the 80s we have the Birtish "New Wave" group: Duran Duran.

Duran Duran wasn't only famous back then for its great tunes and music, nowadays it continues to have its old legion of fans, which keeps increasing with those who "discover" their music. Besides the music, Duran Duran is remembered for its awesome fashion style during the 80s. Watching their videos is definetly an opportunity to take a peek at the classic, modern, and elegant fashions of the 80s.

I intended to post some pictures or screencaps of one of my favorite videos from them, but I thought it would be very static, so that's why I'm posting the video for their hit song "Rio". I won't describe this time what you'll see in terms of clothes, since it's a surprise for all of you. Enjoy.

Video: Youtube

2 comments: said...

heart duran duran. such a cool video clip.

H e ctor n eon said...

I have to say; that
the blog needs a post about Andre Courreges :) I fall in love with his style ;O

retroooooo and flash