Monday, February 9, 2009

Wayfarer Success

Robert Pattinson is definetly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame (maybe they'll last longer, only time will tell) right now with the hit movie "Twilight", a movie which I haven't watched and don't intend to. The reason I decided to post a photo of him here is because I stumbled upon it and was impressed by how well he was pulling of the Wayfarer look and his outfit. His wayfarers aren't vintage, they're from Ray Ban's 2007-2008 collection (I'm sure mostly everyone has these ones as vintage ones are so hard and expensive to find). I really like his jacket and the combination of it with a black shirt. So classic and elegant. Despite the dark colors it's an outfit that could be worn without a problem this SS.
Throughout these couple of years where Wayfarers have made a big comeback I've seen many wear them, but only few can really pull them off goes to Robert Pattinson, Adam Brody, & the Medina brothers.
Photo: Flickr

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Lori said...

God those raybans looks so good on him ;)