Monday, April 20, 2009

Michael Caine: Blog Icon

I guess this post makes Michael Caine the "icon" who's featured the most in this blog...But I personally think he was defintely a trendsetter back in the 60s due to his ability to mix and blend perfectly well the traditional English gentleman with the rising and new Mod fashions of the era.
The photograph below is a second attempt in my opinion of his famous David Bailey photo in which he wears a suit, his trademark eyeglasses, and smokes a cigar; featured in the first post of 2009 (BTW if anyone has a HQ version of this photo I'd be really grateful for it ;) ). In this photo we see a more relaxed and debonnaire Caine wearing a navy jacket, a pale blue shirt, a scarf, his thick frame eyeglasses (personal want list item), and again smoking a cigar on a pipe/filter.
Photo: Soclassic

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