Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years of the Moon Landing

Today, 40 years ago (July 20, 1969), an event that would change the course of history took place, the Moon landing. It was on this day when Neil Armstrong and the crew of the Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and therefore ended the Space Race.

The Moon and Space have always fascinated mankind, and it was during the 60s that this fascination became evident in fashion, especially on womenswear. Pierre Cardin was one of those designers to combine the Mod aesthetics with this Space trend in his ensembles (you can see a photo of these in a previous post from January 2009), yet many other designers (Paco Rabanne & Courreges) ventured into this trend experimenting with materials (plastic, metal, vinyl, fabrics) and shapes. Yet this galatical fascination extended into the fields of cinema, music, and television with films like "Barbarella", TV shows like Star Trek, and "Space Age Pop" (which is a lounge music subgenre that featured songs with "galatic" vibes and the use of synthetizers and moogs).

"Thats one small step for (a) Man, One giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong, first man to step on the Moon
Photos: Flickr


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