Thursday, July 9, 2009

Basic Calvin Klein

Who ever said that a stylish wardrobe is made up of basic and a small number of clothing items, was definetly right. In times like this it is highly recommendable to buy items by their quality/functionality instead of qunatity/avant garde. At least that's what I believe. A basic and minimalistic ensemble from Calvin Klein in the early 80s is shown below. A crisp white shirt and jeans will make you look stylish this summer. I recommend that you opt for a white linen shirt and to spice up the outfit maybe wear one of those Budhist rosaries/malas.

Photo: Flickr


The Velvet Scientist said...

yes, definitely! I love the rosary idea. my summer wardrobe has been a lot like this, but more so linen trousers and then a white shirt, maybe with a blazer or an oversized cardi.

although I do love the avant garde look, and I think it can be achieved with quality and function!


RetroVintageModStyle said...

Same here with my wardrobe for summer, I wore this same look recently and it was a success!