Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stylish Summer 2009

I'm not tired of saying that Summer is my favorite season of the year for its weather and the clothes one wears. During these last couple of days several parties have been held and with them we've gotten the opportunity to see some great ensembles.

In the first photo we have Stavros Niarchos attending one of the Paris Fashion Week parties wearing a V-neck and jeans, simple, elegant, and modern.

Jay Kay from Jamiroquai (center) attended the Serpentine Party in London last weekend and was spotted wearing a velvet jacket (not appropiate imo for Summer, but hey it's Jay Kay), a black polo, some loose fitting (they remind me of bellbottoms) trousers, and pointy brown shoes.

Lapo Elkann is enjoying some days of sun and leisure at St. Tropez; wearing a very Miami Vice/late 70s inspired ensemble. I really like the color combination.


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