Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Party

If you'd like to remember some of those stylish parties from the late 60s, I recommend you watch 1968's "The Party". Starring Peter Sellers as Hrundi V. Bakshi, a movie extra who is invited mistakenly to a lavish party hosted by the Clutterbuck family; and Claudine Longet as Michele Monet, an aspiring singer. Throughout the film one can appreciate not only the exquisite interior design of the Clutterbuck residence, but also the formal fashions of the late 60s and the "chaos" caused by Peter Sellers' character.

Peter Sellers is wearing a sand colored suit with an orange red tie and white shoes, while Claudine Longet is wearing a mini yellow dress with beads and sequins on the top part.

Below you can watch the movie's trailer.

One of the most mellow scenes from the movie takes place when Longet's character sings "Nothing To Lose", composed by Henri Mancini.

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Anonymous said...

great film!

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I love her yellow dress so much! When it got wet I cringed. :O