Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A review of Paris FW 2010-2011

Days ago Paris hosted Menswear's Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. Even though it only lasted several days, Paris showed the world more of what was shown in Milan for this season: lots of black and grey, furs, trench coats, "Mad Men" suits, and vests to mention some. Below I'll post some of the pieces that were presented on the runway that grabbed my attention and likeness.

Paul Smith featured several "colorful" suits like the one below, that immediately brought "Mad Men" to my mind. This one in particular is something that can be worn by Pete Campbell. What's remarkable from this piece is its "shine" and of course the combination of the tie and the pocket square.

Hermes on the other hand offered a mix of formal elegance with casual elegance, a great one. From its combination of grey jackets, grey t-shirts. and black trousers to a very bohemian/casual ensemble like the one below with a red vest, grey cardigan, and white jersey.

Grey was the predominant color in Hermes, and I really like its use in Fall/Winter because besides being elegant, it's a "colorful" option instead of an all black look. Below a zipper cardigan that reminds me of the one worn by Alain Delon in a previous post called "Alain Delon's Fall Jacket" and a blue with grey pullover and grey trousers.

If I had to decide which fashion house was the one that presented the best collection for Fall/Winter 2010-2011 in Paris, I'd pick without a doubt Maison Martin Margiela. It was a collection that was wearable, versatile, modern with a touch of 60s Carnaby Street, 70s Glam Rock, jumpsuits, and even Doctor Zhivago.

The first Margiela ensemble consists of a "polka dot" shirt and a pair of striped trousers, both in black and white, that have a big 60s Carnaby Street influence. An outfit that can be worn all year round, especially for a party at the club or lounge. The boots give it that Swinging 60s touch. The black coat makes it a Fall/Winter ensemble. The second outfit has a slight 70s rock/punk vibe with the option to wear it with a white jacket or without it, wearable all year.

These previous two outfits are great options to wear when partying and hanging out with friends, dare I say they look elegant and formal, while being casual and "rocker". White paired with either grey or black is great combination.

And to wrap up this post, we have this modern version of a "suit jumpsuit" and this fur collar, wrap around coat that definetly took some inspiration from Doctor Zhivago.


jeune_premier said...

Nice post!
i prefer for myself the Hermes suggestion...especially the one with the cardigan and the's my favorite when i'm hosting friends for fingerfood!!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Thanks glad you liked it. That one is a great one, like you say for hosting a party at home, or also for a casual Friday at the office. I'm undecided between the ones from Hermes and Margiela, they're all my favorites :P

Ivãnia Santos by DIAMOND said...

I loveeee your blog!!!



RetroVintageModStyle said...

Thanks! Glad you do :)