Monday, February 8, 2010

Breakfast at Yves Saint Laurent's

One day in the late 60s Yves Saint Laurent invited Betty & Francois Catroux over to his house, and this ocassion was captured on the photograph below. A photo that's not only proof of the great friendship and inspiration shared between YSL and Betty Catroux (she was one of his muses), but also a photo that shows 4 different fashion styles.

We can see Yves Saint Laurent wearing a paisley shirt with matching scarf seated over a hindu couch; next to him we have Betty wearing a straight and long jacket with bellbottoms. Behind them we have Pierre Berger wearing a suit, and Francois Catroux with a cardigan and wide neck shirt.

Photo: Flickr


jeune_premier said...

YSL is one of the most stylish men that ever lived!!!he was so perfect to the last detail....nice post my friend!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Thanks glad you liked it, and you couldn't have described any better YSL.