Friday, February 26, 2010

Marlon Brando: Black is black

It is known and thought by many that black is the color of elegance, I personally agree with this, yet I admit to be someone who likes color and I like to mantain a certain balance. Marlon Brando back in the 50s opted for the all black look, black fitted polo and trousers; but to add some contrast he added a white/light colored leather belt.

Sometimes a touch of color, not too flashy, can add a different and positive twist to an all black or monocromatic ensemble. Although this outfit is something that would be worn in Spring/Summer, for Fall/Winter one can wear it too just by adding a jacket, black or colored, and a matching scarf.

Photo: Flickr


jeune_premier said...

i think that Mrlon Brando was so handsome so everything that he wore looked amazing!
though this look is one of my favorites...i love total chic!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Yeah esp. during the 50s and 60s he wore great clothes. I also like the total black look but if I can add a small twist of color it's better for me, also one should use moderately the total block look so it doesn't become like a "uniform".