Friday, March 26, 2010

Robert Wagner

A stylish and elegant gentleman's wardrobe must have items such as: a white shirt, a pair of 501s, a black suit, a black tie, Wayfarers & Aviators, a V neck t-shirt and sweater, a scarf, black shoes, boat shoes, a pair of sneakers, a trench coat, and a Nautical pullover just to mention some. An item to add to this "list of basics" is the funky/catchy design shirt, like the one Robert Wagner is wearing below.

Sometimes it's fun and cool to spice up our ensembles with pieces like this shirt; of course it has to be done in an moderate and aesthetical manner. A shirt like this would look great while you're on the beach or loungin' with your friends. I would recommend you choose a shirt that has a catchy design but doesn't look like a costume.

Photo: Fanpop

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