Monday, March 22, 2010

We're walking like in a "Dolce Vita"

Ryan Paris' song "Dolce Vita" was a song heard everywhere in Europe during the Spring/Summer of 1983. Its video not only gives us a glance at the streets and sights of Paris, but also at Parisian streetstyle during the early 80s (25 years before "streetstyle" was popular in the late 00s).

On the video Ryan Paris wears a simple yet stylish outfit made up of black trousers and shoes, with a white jersey and a black/white checkered vest. Some posts ago I had already posted about vests, and I think that they're a good option for Spring/Summer, whether in cotton or denim.

I think the video for this song should have shown Paris strolling around Rome's Via Veneto, due to the fact it is slightly inspired on "La Dolce Vita", but nevertheless it is a good video.

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