Monday, April 19, 2010

American Gigolo

"American Gigolo" is one, if not the most stylish film of the 1980s. It not only launched Richard Gere into stardom or made Giorgio Armani a household name, but it is a film that clearly depicts the style of this period and 30 years later still has an influence on fashion.

Besides the clothes, this film is worth watching for the interior design, the locations in California, the soundtrack composed by Giorgio Moroder, and last but not least Lauren Hutton (one of the most famous models of the 70s).

Gere's character, Julian Kaye, is someone with a great sense of style whether it's formal or casual he always looks sleek and modern. Wearing impressive suits, polos, or jeans he is a style icon. Below a photo of Richard Gere posing with a light blue colored ensemble made up of jeans and a rolled up shirt. Not very visible is his camel colored jacket on his back, a great option to complimment this outfit. His sunglasses are a pair of "cat eyes" Ray Bans which were also very popular in the 80s.

Photo: GQ

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jeune_premier said...

Maybe the film of its own doesn't have much to say...but Gere's role has a lot to say!!!roadster,sharp suits,'s a guide for every man!!!