Friday, June 25, 2010

Highlights from Milan SS 2011

A couple of days ago Milan Fashion Week took place, and on this occasion several fashion houses and designers presented their collections for Spring Summer 2011. Trends such as double breasted jackets, which were shown earlier this year, continued to be seen on the runway; it seems this Mod staple is back again for sometime. Also one could see items that immediately reminded of "The Great Gatsby" or "A Plein Soleil", the late 60s early 70s Rolling Stones look, a bit of 40s Dandy, and a blend of "Miami Vice" with 2010.

Dolce & Gabbana menswear celebrated its 20th anniversary with a collection made up of many white colored suits, 30s and 50s inspired bathing suit ensembles, colorful jackets, linens; all to the beat of Annie Lennox. Above an outfit that is great to stroll around the Amalfi Coast in Italy or St. Tropez during the Summer.

Corneliani presented a collection that went from "The Great Gatsby" to the 70s with its Safari Jackets (very much like those worn by Yves Saint Laurent).

Ferragamo continued proving why it's one of the best options for suits and elegance. From semi casual to formal dandy this collection was one of my favorites. Above a very Nautical ensemble from Ferragamo, notice the sandals and double breasted jacket which are a trend for this season.Cavalli on the other hand presented us a collection that was inspired by the 70s Rock Scene with simple yet bold pieces such as this white jacket with white jeans and light blue shirt. Something to wear to the club this summer.

Bottega Veneta was groundbreaking with this military/patchwork jacket. And Gucci like always didn't disappoint me with black jackets over black V-neck t-shirts and white pants. Notice how the shoes are worn without socks, afterall it's Summer.

Canali in my opinion was the best collection this time on Milan due to it's very dandy ensembles, that went from the 40s, to 60s Mod to "Miami Vice". Black and brown (in its light shades) played a key part for Canali, along with the Persol sunglasses worn by the models.

Photos: GQ

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jeune_premier said...

white blazer with shorts!one of my favorite looks for greek summer!!

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