Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer with The Rolling Stones on Main St.

Summer begins today, and to start it in a stylish manner nothing better than with one of the best Rock bands in history (if not the best, well there's a tie between them & The Beatles), The Rolling Stones. Photographed circa the summer of 1967 or 1968 we can see the Stones wearing from Psychedelic/Paisley print shirts with white trousers, to black suits with Geometric print shirts, or pastel colored jackets & shirts with dark ties.

Worth checking out this Summer is The Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street" CD & Documentary. This iconic album recorded in 1971 while the band (Brian Jones shown in the photo below had already passed away) was living in the French Riviera and its surroundings, is considered by many a rock masterpiece. Recently it has been re-released with some additional tracks and a documentary with original footage from the recording sessions. During 2010's Cannes Film Festival Mick Jagger and some of his band mates promoted this documentary which is a must see.

Photo: Flickr

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