Friday, July 9, 2010

"A Plein Soleil" & "La Piscine": Two Films With Similarities

"A Plein Soleil" & "La Piscine" are among the best films in French cinema history, and both share several similarities.

Released in 1960 and 1969 respectively, these films' leading characters are potrayed by the same actors: Alain Delon & Maurice Ronet. Romy Schneider appears on both films also, although her appearance on "A Plein Soleil" as Freddy's friend is for less than a minute. On "La Piscine" Schneider's character, Marianne, is a key figure for the plot.

Maurice Ronet's character is murdered by Alain Delon's character on these films. On "A Plein Soleil" Ronet plays Philippe Greenleaf, a wealthy American who meets Tom Ripley (Delon) and both live the Dolce Vita in Rome. They travel to Mongibello to meet with Greenleaf's girlfriend Marge (Marie Laforet). However Tom wants everything in Philippe's life, including Marge, and ends up stabbing Phillippe to death when they're alone at sea.

Below a photo that shows Alain Delon, Maurice Ronet, and Marie Laforet having lunch inside Philippe Greenleaf's sailboat.

Nine years later, Alain Delon & Maurice Ronet co-starred on "La Piscine", and another murder took place. This time Delon was Jean-Paul and Ronet was Harry. Both men shared a love interest for Marianne (Schneider), yet things got critical when Jean-Paul became interested in Harry's daughter, Penelope (Jane Birkin). The idylic summer holiday in St. Tropez ended up in tragedy when one night, fed up of Harry's ongoing interest for Marianne after several years, and the fact that he was an obstacle between him and Penelope; Jean-Paul has a quarrel with Harry next to the swimming pool. Harry is drowned by Jean-Paul late at night.

A similar photo to the one posted before, we can see a scene from "La Piscine".

Worth noticing is the fact that "A Plein Soleil" and "La Piscine" have in their titles the location and moment where these crimes that defined their plots take place.

And last but not least, these 2 films are a lesson of Summer style thanks to the clothes worn by Alain Delon, some which have been featured in the blog, and Maurice Ronet such as light colored suits, linen and cotton shirts in dark and light colors, sunglasses, mocassins, and espadrilles.

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