Friday, September 17, 2010

Doodski: From Russia With Style

Throughout the last decades in fashion, T-shirts have proven to be one of the most versatile items; for some a "sartorial faux pas" & for some of us wardrobe essentials. T-shirts can make you look elegant & sharp on any ocassion, while expressing a bit about yourself too. In an era in which there are many T-shirts available on stores, from plain to graphic filled designs, one must only wear T-shirts that meet high quality and style standards.

Doodski is an example of the above. From London to Spain, going through the French Riviera, Italy, & Australia; Doodski has grabbed the attention of many due to its original & outstanding designs.

Founded in 2009, this London based t-shirt brand is best known for its Russian inspired collection, which is shown below.

Using elements such as the Russian Crest, the military stamp, the chains worn by the Tsars, Rasputin, and the last invitation to a party hosted by Tsar Nicholas II; Doodski brings the glory of Imperial Russia to the 21st Century. These are T-shirts to be worn while attending a formal dinner, hanging out with your friends at the club, traveling around the world, or just walking around your city's streets.

However Doodski also offers another collection called "Nothing But Special" which was created by pure coincidence when a T-shirt got lost within a pile of jeans ready to be dyed. The result was a T-shirt with exceptional creases, wash, and metal like enhancements on the fabric. Below an example of these T-shirts: Doodski's Glitter Black, Wrinkle Blue, and Wash Beige. This collection offers 9 different styles with eye catching desgins in earthly tones.

Doodski T-shirts can be worn by themselves or paired up with a sports jacket, dinner jacket, velvet jacket, a hoodie, a Safari jacket, or a cardigan.

You can purchase Doodski on selected sales points around the world, or online at &

Photos: Doodski

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