Wednesday, October 27, 2010

L.G.R's newest additions & colors for Spring Summer 2011

L.G.R Sunglasses has recently added 4 new models to its Spring Summer 2011 collection. These models, carry on with the elegance and quality, that L.G.R has always featured on all of its eyewear.

The Maputo & Suez, shown respectively above, are unisex eyeglasses that are reminiscent of eyewear worn during the 60s. Ideal to be worn while reading a bestseller, visiting an art gallery or museum, having lunch with your friends, at the office, or on your leisure moments. Available on Black, Green, Brown Crystal, Havana, Ice, and Honey; these eyeglasses will help express your personality and sense of style.

For the ladies L.G.R. has released 2 sunglasses, the Emma & Orano. Bringing the glamour and elegance of 50s Hollywood & Cinecitta to 2010-2011, these sunglasses are available on a wide variety of colors such as: Black (Emma on the photo above) Brown, Havana (Orano), Ice, Brown Crystal, Honey, and Green (one of the newest colors used by L.G.R) with green, grey, and sunbrown gradient glasses.

For this upcoming season, L.G.R is giving to some of its already iconic & must have models a new touch by introducing new frame colors and gradients; an example of this can be seen below.

Photos: L.G.R

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