Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was one of the most representative artists of Pop Art during the 60s and 70s. His works were heavily inspired on comic books, advertisting, and popular culture; with women being the main characters in most of them.

In 1964 he was photographed by Dennis Hopper posing next to one of his works. For the occasion he wore a 60s mod staple, a turtleneck, along with light colored pants and a pair of used sneakers.
One of my favorite works from Lichtenstein is "In The Car" from 1963. Not only does it capture the style of that year, but it depicts a scene that reminds of Don & Betty Draper from "Mad Men".
Photos: Flickr, Dennis Hopper & Roy Lichtenstein


jeune_premier said...

i love his work...
i always wanted a piece like this on my living room.

RetroVintageModStyle said...

So do I!