Friday, November 5, 2010

North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 film "North by Northwest" is one of the best suspense films in history. Starring Cary Grant as Madison Avenue advertising executive, Roger Thornhill (yes, there was someone else before Don Draper) & Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall, a government agent who has a relationship with the film's villain, Phillip Vandamm portrayed by James Mason.

From the Plaza Hotel, the United Nations, and Grand Central Station in New York City to the heights of Mount Rushmore, "North by Northwest" will surprise you and keep you guessing on what's next.

One of the most memorable scenes from this film & cinema history takes place in the corn fields of Northern Indiana where Cary Grant is chased by a cropduster plane. Wearing a sharp grey suit, Grant runs for his life while being shot at and sprayed with pesticide from the air.

The film's plot is centered on the quest for George Kaplan, a government agent for which Thornhill is mistaken; the recovery of the microfilm hidden within an ancient sculpture & saving Eve Kendall from Vandamm.

An extra in this film is Phillip Vandamm's home in South Dakota which is reminiscent of the work done by acclaimed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

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