Friday, December 3, 2010

Michael Caine: Simple Winter Elegance on "The Italian Job"

Michael Caine starred in 1969's cinema classic "The Italian Job" as Charlie Croker, a thief who with the help of his gang steals 4 million dollars of gold in Turin, Italy. Croker and his friends manage to get the gold out of Turin after creating a traffic chaos & racing thru the city's streets and buildings. However when they're in the heights of the Italian Alps near the border with Switzerland they encounter trouble; their van is almost falling into a cliff, and with it the gold.

Throughout the film one can see great examples of late 60s fashion such as double breasted suits, psychedelic print shirts, and turtlenecks. Michael Caine shows that a turtleneck is a great option for this Fall/Winter since it is a simple, elegant, and versatile item. Turtlenecks played a key role in 60s fashion.

Charlie Croker wore his turtleneck by itself or under his double breasted suede jacket (the result was a very Mod ensemble). This season you can wear a turtleneck just like Charlie did, or you may add a touch of color and contrast with a scarf.

Photo: Flickr

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