Monday, December 20, 2010

Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone: Art Fabrics

Art is something that surrounds and interacts with us everyday; in our homes, books, music, city streets, galleries, cinema, and even on our clothes. It can be said that art is all around.

Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone, one of Rome’s creative and artistic talents nowadays, is revolutionizing fashion, art, and design with her one of a kind hand-printed fabrics.

Inspired by practically everything, like nature’s elements and colors, animals, ancient Greek and Moroccan tiles, old fabrics, books, Art Deco, Futurism, Cubism; artists such as: Paul Klee, Louise Bourgeois, Sonia Delaunay, Matisse, Picasso; and photographers like Daido Moryiama; Zazie’s fabrics immediately grab your attention by their design, composition, and colors.

Her exposure to art while visiting museums since a young age has played an important role when working on her fabrics. “I think that most of the pieces of art we see and love stay in our memory as a non specified idea that help us to build our own imaginarium.”, she comments.

Zazie learned the craft of hand printing from her mother, an artisan who does sophisticated handmade knitwear in Rome. As time passed by, she refined her technique and became an expert on blending and combining colors. According to Zazie, the knowledge and technique of hand printing are important, yet experimenting is important as well. For her the originality of each piece resides on this kind of “improvisations”.

If you would like to own one of Zazie’s designs you can purchase furniture with them at her Rome studio, and other designs at her mother’s shop (
Some of her designs can be seen on clothing as well; however these pieces are made upon request since she prefers to create something especially for someone rather than randomly creating something. If the clothes have been used already by the owner it’s better.

When asked about why she presents her art on fabrics, furniture, notebook covers; and not in other means such as big canvasses that could be admired on art galleries or walls, Zazie says, “I am a craftswoman, an artisan, not an artist. The purpose of my creations is being used, being lived. In galleries, I prefer to hang my photos, instead.”

Besides creating these hand-printed fabrics, Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone is also a skilled photographer. For further information visit her websites: &
Photos: Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone

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