Friday, January 28, 2011

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Art Genius of SAMO

Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the most talented American artists of the 20th Century, began sharing his art genius with the world during the late 70s when he sprayed graffiti on the streets of New York City. His graffiti consisted of a series of words or phrases all signed by SAMO.

In the early 80s besides appearing on Blondie's video for "Rapture", Basquiat participated on several art exhibits on which his works caught the attention of many. Without knowing it he became one of the creators of the Neo Expressionist art movement. Basquiat's works are one of a kind and still have the same impact as they had almost 30 years ago.

Below a photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat in which one can see one of his paintings on the background. Wearing an elegant ensemble made up of a suit, pocket square, and Wayfarers; Jean-Michel expresses his creative and dynamic personality with his tied up dreadlocks.

Photo: Flickr

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