Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...Colin Firth and "The King's Speech"

2011's Oscars were a night full of surprises; with flashbacks to Oscar and cinema history, a tribute to Kirk Douglas and Bob Hope, and the traditional Memorial to the beat of "Smile" remembering the likes of Dennis Hopper, Blake Edwards, Tony Curtis, & John Barry. Yet it was an unforgettable night for Colin Firth and "The King's Speech".

Firth won the Oscar for "Best Actor in a Lead Role" thanks to his impressive portrayal of King George VI on "The King's Speech". This film which tells the story of King George VI's stuttering problem and how he overcame it with the help of a speech therapist, Dr. Lionel Logue. The plot begins in the mid 20s when The King was Prince Albert, the Duke of York; and then takes the viewer to his Coronation after his brother King Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor) abdicated up till the crucial and historic moment when King George VI delivers his speech to declare war with Germany in 1939 at the start of WWII.

Colin Firth was also nominated last year for the acclaimed Tom Ford (who designed his tuxedo this year) film "A Single Man".

"The King's Speech" also won Oscars for "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Director", and "Best Picture" at the 83rd Academy Awards.

I definetly recommend you watch "The King's Speech" and "A Single Man" since they're two of the best films Colin Firth has ever made.

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