Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egon & Diane von Furstenberg: Fashion Power Couple

Egon and Diane von Furstenberg were briefly married in the early 70s. Yet despite their short marriage, they mantained a long lasting friendship that helped them become one of fashion's "power couples" throughout the 70s.

It was Egon, who at the time had already worked as a buyer at Macy's and was designing for women, that suggested to Diane that she pursue a fashion career as well. Diane immediately became a legend after having created the iconic jersery wrap around dress that defined 70s fashion.

By the late 70s Egon & Diane were not only spotted at Studio 54, but Egon was making headlines with his two books, "The Power Look" and "The Power Look at Home: Decorating for Men".

Besides their contributions to the fashion industry, the von Furstenbergs are known for their outstanding sense of style. An example can be seen below when they were photographed in the early 70s on the streets of New York wearing matching checkered shirts.

Photo: Flickr

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