Monday, March 28, 2011

L.G.R. Sunglasses: RAW Limited Edition

L.G.R. Sunglasses has just released a limited edition of its Tripoli, Cape Town, Orano, and Freetown models (there are only 100 pieces per model).

This edition is called “RAW” due to the combination of unpolished and rough frames with sophisticated polarized lenses created exclusively for L.G.R. Sunglasses, L.G.R. Pola.Neophan lenses.

Neophan lenses were developed in the 40s for fighter pilots to improve their vision’s color perception and enhancement. L.G.R. Pola. Neophan lenses are: 1.8 mm thick (the thinnest and lightest polarized lenses in the market), stain resistant, 100% UV & 95% Infrared protective, and have 10 layers of anti reflection coating paired with 6 layers of violet mirrored coating. “RAW” sunglasses immediately grab one’s attention due to the contrast of their dark frames with the deep blue mirrored lenses.

Another must have by L.G.R. Sunglasses for this Spring Summer that not only offers an elegant design made with quality materials, but also protection for your eyes.

Photos: L.G.R. Sunglasses

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