Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maximiliano Villegas: Trendy Dandy

Maximiliano Villegas is a Mexican TV host not only known for his popular lifestyle and fashion show on E! Latin America, “Zona Trendy” (Trendy Zone); but also for his impeccable sense of style which mixes elements from classic dandyism, 60s fashion, and modern/casual styles.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Max about his thoughts on style, retro inspired fashion, and upcoming trends.

Which are your style principles?

I’m always in search of different looks and trends, but the most incredible thing is being able to play with fashion according to your personality and what suits you best. I enjoy being daring, proposing fashion, and never limit myself to colors, textures or combinations. When following a particular style I can go from preppy to vintage, always keeping my own essence and being myself. You should never create a character or look as if you were dressed up in a costume.

In your opinion, which garments or accessories must everyone have in their wardrobe to dress in a stylish and elegant way?

A black tie should always be in your wardrobe since you can wear it with a suit and look elegant, or pair it up with jeans and feel a bit more casual and laid back. My personal favorite is the 50s skinny tie, I don’t wear any other kind of ties.

What do you think about vintage or retro inspired fashion?
I’m thrilled being able to mix other eras with modern times, playing with different cuts and textures; but the most incredible thing is throwing in together a 60s shirt with a pastel colored 50s inspired Tom Ford jacket, or a pair of Diesel skinny jeans with a Members Only jacket.

Which do you think will be some trends in menswear during 2011?
Menswear is becoming more important in the fashion world. Retro inspired shirts have made a comeback, suits will be more daring in terms of design and colors. We will leave behind the typical grays and blacks. Cuts will become looser, and of course an accessory that is becoming an essential every season is the “man bag” in all of its different colors and styles.

Photos: MV

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