Monday, May 23, 2011

Carlo Mazzoni: Due Amici

Carlo Mazzoni is one of Italy's upcoming writers, best known for his two previous novels: "I Postromantici" & "Il Disordine". On these two novels Mazzoni depicts the bright and dark side of Italian society taking the reader on intricate plots from Milano to Lago Maggiore and Venice.

On May 2011 Carlo Mazzoni has released his new novel "Due Amici", which differs completly from his previous works. This time the plot's epicenter is one of life's most important virtues and values: friendship. "Due Amici" tells the story of two friends, Matteo & Gio; their journeys throughout life, their highs and lows, their relationship with Margherita, but most importantly it highlights the importance of an everlasting friendship. Set in Milano, Tuscany, and New York on modern times and with lots of imagery, this novel will not only entertain the readers but also make them think and analyze the role of friendship in their lifes.

Photo: Carlo Mazzoni

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