Monday, May 16, 2011

Michael Caine: Alfie & his "Birds" on Cannes

"Alfie" was a film screened on 1966's Cannes Film Festival, not only remembered for Michael Caine's portrayal of Alfie or by having won the Festival's Special Jury Prize (this Prize was created in 1966 to conmemorate the Cannes Film Festival's 20th anniversary), but also due to the way it was promoted within La Croisette.

Lewis Gilbert and his crew decided to bring Alfie Elkins to Cannes by having Michael Caine and several models pose for photographers near the Boulevard de la Croisette. These weren't typical promotion photos, what made them different was the fact that all of the models wore white pants that had "Alfie Is..." written on the back. A very original promotion technique for the film.

Michael Caine on the other hand wore light colored pants with a matching sweater and shirt to pose with "Alfie's Birds". Worth noticing are his trademark Oliver Goldsmith eyeglasses.

Photos: Flickr/GQ

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