Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Years, 3 Icons of Retro Vintage Mod Style

For 3 years "Retro Vintage Mod Style" has featured the best of menswear & style from past decades and modern times. Hollywood & European film actors, musicians, photographers, film directors, fashion designers, artists, and even politicians are amongst those icons honored for defining and influencing fashion. Their exceptional taste, creativity, attitude,and originality set them apart from the rest.

After going through all of the posts published during these 3 years, I decided to pick 3 icons with the most number of mentions at "Retro Vintage Mod Style". The "winners" were: Alain Delon, Steve Mc Queen, and James Dean; of course this selection doesn't underestimate the "style genius" from many other icons featured on the blog.

Alain Delon gave a lesson of style to the world when he appeared in memorable films such as: "A Plein Soleil", "La Piscine","Borsalino", and "Girl on A Motorcycle"; wearing linen shirts, impeccable Italian suits, pullovers, and even black frame eyeglasses. Yet one of his best ensembles has to be the one he wore for a lunch at Cannes in 1962. Delon's style is timeless, and a proof of this is him being named in recent years image of the Dior classic "Eau Sauvage".

Steve McQueen, also known as "The King of Cool" has definetly influenced fashion in the last 50 years. From his trademark Persol 649s to his plain white t-shirts, suits, and jackets; McQueen is a style legend. "The Thomas Crown Affair" besides its exceptional plot, was a film that showed Steve McQueen at his best, wearing some of the most elegant and outstanding clothes. On screen or off screen practicing sports, McQueen was always perfectly dressed for the part.

James Dean had a short life and cinema career, yet he achieved more than what he could have ever imagine. His legend is still alive after more than 50 years since his tragic death. A cinema and fashion icon, Dean knew how to make simple clothes look grand. Who can forget the red jacket he wore on "Rebel Without a Cause", his nautical striped sweater, the black coat he wore while walking on a rainy Times Square, or his Tuxedo and eyeglasses look at a dinner with Ursula Andress.

I would really like to thank all of you, my readers, for your continuous support during these 3 years!

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