Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Who: Swingin' Style

The Who, one of the leading and most popular groups in rock history, played an important role in the evolution of this genre in England during the Swingin' 60s. They influenced, and still influence, with their music many other performers and even created "performing trends" such as destroying their instruments on stage.

But it was not only songs such as "My Generation" that caught the attention of many around the world, their impeccable sense of style also did. The Who showed what fashion was like in London's Carnaby Street, eclectic, creative, and innovative; a fashion revolution.

Below a photo from the band that provides an example of some popular trends from the late 60s: velvet jackets, colorful print scarves, frills, wide lapel jackets, turtlenecks, shaggy haircuts, jackets with applications such as sequins, medallions, and plain t-shirts.

Photo: Flickr

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