Monday, July 18, 2011

David Bailey & Lord Lichfield: Mare Moda, Capri '68

Mare Moda was a "fashion week" event held in Capri on September 1968. For several days, the likes of Tony Curtis, Faye Dunaway, George Hamilton, Egon von Furstenberg, Pilar Crespi, and Slim Aarons had a sneak peek at upcoming fashions from designers such as Valentino.

Among those attending Mare Moda were two of history's most famed photographers, David Bailey and Lord Patrick Lichfield. Both of them not only shot some of the most representative photos from the 60s, but were also among the best dressed men in the UK during that decade.

Below a photo of them attending a party with another 60s model icon, Penelope Tree. Bailey opted for an almost white monocromatic ensemble that had what appears to be a braided/chain like metallic belt and an embroided/printed tunic shirt. David Bailey wore and experienced successfully all of the upcoming 60s menswear trends, from double breasted Mod suits to pre-Miami Vice pastel colored pants paired with white jackets (which he wore at Mare Moda as well).

On the other hand Lord Lichfield wore a very basic and classic look, white shirt and black pants. Yet he added a touch of modernity and contrast with his tied scarf.

Photo: Flickr

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