Friday, January 18, 2013

Highlights from Milan Fall/Winter 2013

A couple of days ago, Milan was the menswear capital of the world due to the Fall/Winter 2013 shows. This year, black and very dark colors were a common sight on the runways, yet some designers used a varied color palette that brought some light into Winter. In contrast to previous seasons, there wasn't a strong decade reference on most collections, some still channeled a bit of the 60s and 70s, while others bet on modern times and the future. All in all amazing shows and collections, whose highlights are mentioned below.

Burberry proved that classic items such as a peacoat/trench coat and pullover sweaters are never out of style. Less is always more.

Dolce & Gabbana once again paid tribute to Italy and Sicily like in their Spring/Summer show. Worth noticing are the laced plain white shirts that echo the 60s' Edwardian revival, and their floral painting jackets and pullovers. Bold items full of artistry.

Bottega Veneta (first two photos) had a futuristic/classic touch with their rolled neck coat and opt art sweater. Canali (above and below) on the other hand was one of the best collections due to its timeless elegance and use of different materials that included wool, velvet, and even fur (yet I strongly encourage the use of faux fur!). Turtlenecks and double breasted jackets are a synonym of sartorial success.

Etro (below) was the bohemian show this season. Like always Etro's paisley inspired prints and patterns made one think of Rasputin, Russia, The Beatles, and Brian Jones. Big pendant necklaces are a good accesory for winter ensembles.

Roberto Cavalli was one the innovators and trendsetters in Milan with its very original "teleidoscopic" pattern, the next paisley. This brightly executed pattern used in ties, linings, shirts, and jackets had the power to turn dark ensembles into bright ensembles perfect for any soiree around town.

Iceberg somehow paid tribute to Mondrian and Yves Saint Laurent with this geometric sweaters.

Missoni featured very casual yet elegant pieces that gave an example why its iconic zig zag pattern has been a favorite for 60 years.

Ferragamo paid hommage to those rainy nights at Times Square with a black+blue collection that used leather and wool. Its creator, Massimiliano Giornetti thanked the audience wearing a Winter essential: a black velvet jacket.

Prada was a combination of 80s, minimalism, color blocking, and Miami Vice .


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