Friday, March 15, 2013

Michael Caine: Happy 80th Birthday Alfie

Michael Caine celebrated yesterday his 80th birthday. Below a photo of him as Alfie Elkins in the 1966 classic "Alfie".

Photo: Tumblr

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Anonymous said...

Listen for the scene in this movie where 'Alfie' asks his girlfriend/ flatmate (Jane Asher) as to the whereabouts of his " American shirt", this was either a reference to an Arrow, or Hathaway, button-down collar item. These could only be purchased as 'imports' at that time in Austin's Menswear on Shaftesbury Avenue, selling at around 89/6d (£4.50). It was Alan Sugarman (aka Ben Sherman) who upon seeing this demand created his own range of British-made similar shirts.