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L.G.R : Timeless Elegance Under the Sun

Summer is often associated with journeys to new places and spending time under the Sun with friends. Italian eyewear brand, L.G.R once again makes Summer the most enjoyable time of the year by taking us to the south of France and Africa with its new releases.

Marseille is the backdrop for L.G.R’s newest campaign, which is a combination of the Mediterranean’s intense blue hues, towering rock formations, and popular sites of this port with L.G.R’s  one of a kind eyewear.

New additions like Divo, Lola, Springs, and Zanzibar, available in a wide variety of colors, are the result of hard work by Italian artisans. The celluloid acetate and metal blend, introduced at the end of 2012, is present in this collection. Springs continues using L.G.R’s trademark crystal mineral lenses, while the other three models have high definition Zeiss organic lenses.

Worth mentioning is the introduction of new frame colors such as: Ivory, Grey Marble, Mimetic, Matt Navy Blue, Wysteria, and Matt Sea Green.

The Safari Limited Edition is a tribute to Africa’s impressive natural regions: the Indian Ocean, the Sahara desert, the savanna, and Central Africa’s evergreen forests. Hence the models’ names: Ocean, Desert, Savanna, and Forest. This collection features two of L.G.R’s most popular models, Asmara and Keren, in colors that are representative of each African region.

But the singularity of this collection isn’t only the frames’ color; there is a special lens according to the setting’s own light conditions. Depending on the model, the lenses darken or lighten to provide a sharp and high contrast vision, always offering top UV protection.

To learn more about these new releases, I interviewed Luca Gnecchi Ruscone.

What inspired you to create the Safari Limited Edition?

The African continent with its different and strong natural environments that always inspired in me a sense of freedom and escape. My frequent adventures in Kenya, Eritrea, and Morocco. I experienced the need of different lenses in order to protect my sight in different situations.

After using celluloid acetate for more than 5 years on all of L.G.R's frames, what has made you combine acetate with metal in these new designs?
The need to innovate not only in design but with materials. I have to be good at everything, not only acetate. We made some samples first, they were cool and I decided to present them to my clients. They have a great success now in stores. Timeless elegance can be expressed using different materials.

All of L.G.R's eyewear is named after an African city or natural attraction, what is the story behind "Divo" and "Lola"?
Actually Divo and Lola are African names…Divo is on the Ivory Coast and Lola in South Africa.

Describe the perfect occasion to wear L.G.R this Summer.
Different models for different occasions. Massawa Vermillion Polarized for a sailing trip. Nairobi Crystal Blue Polarized for the beach. Lola for a girl at a roof party in NYC. Tripoli for a holiday in Mykonos, Greece. Asmara Havana 02 for an aperitivo in Portofino after a day spent at sea.

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