Thursday, June 26, 2008

Easy Rider

"Easy Rider" starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson manages to capture in a mangnificent way the true spirit of the late 60s. Everything about that revolutionary period in time is reflected in this film, especially the counterculture (from an anthropological point of view). Could the 60s be considered as a kind of Renaissance? In my opinion, yes because everything was reinvented or changed, and new things appeared. For instance fashion became more casual and went back to it's organic roots with nature inspired pieces and fabrics. I don't know how the 60s will be looked back on in let's say 100-200 years. But what it's true is that nowadays they are still missed and longed by some (those who were or weren't alive back then) because this decade was iconic and unique: freedom in all areas, the music, design, fashion, life philosophy etc.

Below is Peter Fonda taking a break from it all contemplating nature. He's wearing a white shirt with Navajo motiffs, black leather pants with a Navajo belt, leather sandals with socks (it would be better without the socks), and 60s Racer inspired sunglasses. Sometimes moments like the one depicted after these lines are very rare nowadays since life nowadays can be very fast and time demanding, leaving few time to enjoy the beauty of nature, our loved ones, or the priceless yet meaningful things in life. But I guess if one is determined to enjoy those things, it can be possible after all.


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