Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Shanghai

One of my main objectives with this blog is not only to show retro vintage mod fashion as it was exactly worn in the past, but to show a recreation of it with modern pieces that can bring forward this style to the present. The result, pieces or outfits that when worn make you feel as if you were living 40 or 30 years before.

The photos below are an example of this recreation. The setting Shanghai, the year 2008. A man and a woman. The man wearing in the first photo a crisp white suit, white shirt, black tie, black loafers (without socks), and to accesorize a pair of thick 60s style black eyeglasses and a Martini. The women wearing a 70s style open black halter dress.

The second photo taken downtown Shanghai continues to evoke the past. He is wearing a striped blazer, white shirt, an eye catching tie (complementing the striped blazer), and the same eyeglasses. She wears a pink dress that could be from 1961 and a pair of round bug shaped sunglasses.

Photos: GQ

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