Friday, June 20, 2008


Pt. 1

Summer begins today, so to kick off summer and this blog I'll be looking back in time to see what summer style was like. And who knows, maybe you can find some inspiration here for your holiday and bring back these styles to 2008!

Alain Delon in Rome during the early 60s wearing an unbuttoned shirt, ideal for the extremely hot Roman summer, with a gold pendant. Fresh, classic, simple, and minimalistic.

Lunch at the Hills...whether in LA or the French Riviera...nothing more trendy and sharp than a suit, preferably in clear and soft colors such as white, beige, or khaki. To make it more casual you could only wear the jacket with a tie and some jeans; or the jacket with an unbuttoned shirt and jeans. Don't forget the girls and cocktails.

This summer the boho/ethnic trend is still going through a revival. Combine boho and mod with some Hindu style clothes; which is never out of style like The Beatles. Nehru shirts and jackets are a must have. The color and decor is up to you but I recommend light and fresh materials such as cotton and linen.

David Bailey knew how to dress on a cool summer day in Cannes back in the day. A navy blue jacket/blazer, a light pullover (white), dark trousers or jeans, and sunglasses (Wayfarers or Persol Rattis). And don't forget the attitude!

Photos: GQ

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