Friday, June 20, 2008


Pt. 2Keith Richards back in 1967 was already iconic. To achieve a casual, urban, hip, rocker look like his just wear a tight t-shirt, jeans (skinny only if you're skinny!), leather bracelets, a necklace or pendant, and maybe a summer scarf. Black eye liner is up to you.

The all white look is not only worn by doctors or scientists...but also by the likes of Don Johnson in Miami. The perfect summer look imo to look elegant at any time of the day on the beach. To give it an 80s twist wear your Wayfarers.

Funky in the summer...mix colors, textures, fabrics, and styles this summer. If you feel like, do it.

Jean Paul Belmondo is not only one of France's greatest actors like Alain Delon, but he also wore a light colored and fresh unbuttoned shirt while riding his Vespa in Cannes. Wear it with jeans or trousers, and some boat/loafer shoes.

Photos: GQ

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