Saturday, June 21, 2008


They're literally all over the place in 2008 and have once again become a fashion staple. It seems the world's most famous sunglasses are destined to be "in style" again in every decade since their creation in 1952.

IMO these are classic and quintessential sunglasses to be worn not because they're trendy, but because of their design/aesthetic and all the retro/cultural icon aura that surrounds them.

I may sound a bit reptitive, because it's been said in almost every article I have stumbled upon since late 2006 about these sunglasses, when Ray Ban relaunched them; but these sunglasses have been worn by almost everyone....celebrities, politicians, musicians, artists, poets, painters, style icons, sports people, common people like you and me...

Like Bob Dylan, a "Wayfarer icon", sang "The times are changin'...."; not only times are changin, but wayfarers too. The original 50s Wayfarers were black or tortoise and pretty much stayed the same till the late 70s. When Wayfarers were back in style in 1983, they were reinvented, their design changed, and a new colors were made available.

In early 2007 Ray Ban had black, tortoise, white, and red Wayfarers for sale. However some months ago the Wayfarer color palette expanded and now you can find them in several colors, some combining different colors and patterns.

Wayfarers will always have an important place in the "Sunglass Hall of Fame" and therefore we'll continue seeing them in coming years. However once again, wear them not only because you want to look cool, but because you appreciate their artistic and "historical" elements. Afterall what's more retro and classic than a pair of black Wayfarers!

Photo: GQ


MLR said...

The best sunglasses. 4 famous models by Ray Ban:

-Club Man

...but wayfarer...a classic icon.

Very nice!!!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Can't agree more! The 4 are must haves, although I prefer more Wayfarers and Aviators.