Monday, June 29, 2009

Highlights from Milan SS 2010

As promised here is my review from Milan's SS 2010 Fashion Week which just took place several days ago. I can't deny the SS collections are always my favorite perhaps due to the fact that it's my favorite season, and also that a lot of experimenting is allowed, whereas FW is always kind of "basic". All in all the collections presented were brilliant, for all kinds of tastes, I was a bit disappointed with the constant use of black and dark colors by some designers, since I personally think SS is all about color or light colors. The best collections presented for me were those by Gucci and Versace. Below you can see some of my favorite pieces from this year.

Ferragamo cleverly brings back the 40s Dandy to the new decade, an outfit that immediately makes me think of Humphrey Bogart. I like the fact the tie and the fedora match, and the patent leather bicolored shoes are so retro.

As I mentioned on a previous post, the all denim look is classic and casual, and D&G proved it once more. The shirt is very reminiscent of those cowboy styled shirts from the 70s. On this collection D&G used some T-Shirts that were remakes of iconic Fiorrucci T-Shirts from the 70s.

Calvin Klein can be defined in two words this season: sleek elegance. The striped jacket on the first photo is identical to one I saw on a 70s magazine, the whole outfit is brilliant, and combines perfectly crisp white with some sand tones. The grey suit is one of my favorites, the fit, the fact is uses a T-Shirt beneath. The later is a trend I spotted on almost all of the collections, they seem to pay tribute to Don Johnson in Miami Vice by using V-Necks or T-Shirts beneath the jackets, a really cool option and an unexpensive one that allows you to wear a jacket/suit in many ways.

Versace was all about the All-White look this summer, paired with some sandals and bulky fiber belts. I just like how they paired up a very 70s inspired jacket (a modern version of a Safari jacket without the belt) with a Hindu tunic.

Trussardi was an all basic and classic collection, with lots of 70s vibes. Light colors and fabrics, ethnic motiffs complete the look. Less is more.

Bottega Veneta's approach to the jacket with jeans look was awesome, ideal for a Casual Friday at the office or for any ocassion. To make it formal the jeans were dark colored. They used both straight and peacoat jackets (very 60s Mod).

Also from this house of fashion we get an outfit that reminds me of men's bathing suits back in the late 60s and 70s when they consisted of a short sleeved shirt that matched with the trunks. Something to wear at the beach this summer.

Gucci decided this season to focus on an all white look and give it a touch of color with floral shirts and colored ties. It also presented some electric blue suits using different materials, my favorite was the velvet one, brings back memories of Bryan Ferry in the 70s.



miky said...

love it...

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Grazie mille :)

gantman said...

These styles are so eclectic, love the mens shirt, tie and jeans getup.

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Good seems they borrowed a little bit of this and that and the result was genius on the runway. The getup you mention is ideal for working at the office and hanging out afterwards, well dressed yet slightly casual and elegant.

gantman said...

The modern man's ideal solution to office attire, passing off a casual men's shirt with a tie and jacket!

RetroVintageModStyle said...

I agree with you! And well Gant has cool stuff to achieve this ;)