Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simply McQueen

Steve McQueen on the photo below is a great example of what I mentioned in my previous post, "less is more". Wearing what appears to be some khakis and plain white T-shirt, along with his sunglasses (probably Persol Rattis) he enjoyed a day at the harbor. Photos like this one not only allow the appreciation of McQueen's iconic style, but also that life's biggest and most treasured moments are those that come in a spontaneous, unplanned, and casual manner.

To round up this post I'd like to share a quote that I discovered a few days ago while listening to a rendition of the 1967 hit "Live For Life", theme song for the movie with the same name starred by Candice Bergen & Yves Montand.

"Yesterday's a memory gone for good forever, while tomorrow is a guess, what is real is what is now and here; and now is only what we possess"

Photo: GQ

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